Daily Payouts

Timely payouts are the foundation of any successful partnership programme.

Our system is configured to calculate your commissions in real-time and to deliver payouts to your account daily. This happens every day at midnight and the system does not allow any interventions with this process.

Your funds are placed in a regular account that you can withdraw from at any time.

Ranking System

You reach new ranks when your volume rises. This allows you to level-up and essentially receive higher commissions from your network.

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Multi-Level Partners

Kawase is the only IB programme that supports unlimited introducers and clients under a single user natively.

This means you can function as a Master IB, introduce other IBs which will then introduce their own clients.

Because you are positioned on the top of this chain, you will receive commissions from all clients and IBs. The more they trade, the more you gain.

If normal clients under your IBs decide to become introducers themselves, you also receive commissions from their future clients.

Contact Details and Reports

You can view the contact details and detailed trading history of all your clients. This allows you to communicate and engage with your clientele in a more personal way.

Under the Same Platform

Your IB Center can be found inside Kawase Trader. There is no need for separate IB portals or communication with third parties.

All your tools are accessible from any browser and mobile device in a single, easy to use interface.

Reliable Infrastructure

All calculations are handled by the same, award-winning engine that drives the Kawase Trader.

Our platform resides on the world’s biggest financial server cloud, with nodes in London, New York, Hong Kong and New Zealand.